Only clean, well-organized and well-tested code that does things in obvious ways.

How we code

1. Briefing

Client provides information about his coding needs

2. Best ways

We advice on the best ways to achieve the client's goals

3. Deadlines

We agree on the deadlines and works' schedule/timeline

4. Price

We estimate the price

5. Coding

We code and provide project parts according to the timeline

6. Testing

Code is tested in various ways and a lot

7. Finalization

the final product is provided for the client's approval

8. Deployment

We deploy the product to the client's website or server

Web Development/Coding prices

Hourly rate above will cover 90% of the orders. For too simple or too complex orders hourly rate may be recalculated. VAT is not included.
For our web projects mostly we use Wordpress, but for bigger tasks or projects we can assemble team upon your needs and requirements.

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